We are delighted to welcome you to Indiana

Indiana is a state of fashion, inspirational, young and young at heart. Indiana is smooth and sexy, fast and funky.

At Indiana, we have tried to put the past behind us and move into the present. The menu is a stunning repertoire of "favorite" Indian dishes of the last 30 years, and a 200 year old style of cooking deemed so spectacular that, until now only a few places in the world were able to successfully serve it.

Making a Reservation

Most of the tables in our restaurants are kept unreserved so we can accommodate anyone who visits us. You may have to wait, depending on what time of day you visit, but we’ll be able to find you a table.

Should you need to speak with a Reservations our phone lines are available between 10am – 10pm.

Larger Groups

If you’re planning to bring a group of 8 or more people, please email reservations@indianarestaurant.co.uk

Our ingredients and how we buy them

We choose the people we work with very carefully, especially when it comes to sourcing our ingredients.